What is Voice Training?

Beam training for POPS

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I am a former music producer for Sony Music.
I will not give out wrong information about the POPS genre.
If you don’t notice the paralysis of breathing, you will never be able to sing.

Emotional expression” and “singing ability” are not the ten elements of POPS.

Until now, “singing” has been an “instrumental” practice developed from schooling.
Unfortunately, no one has ever been able to sing well.
If the “cause” of not being able to sing was music, it would be easy…


Voice training was a classic.

Classical music is a “field” that has not revealed “how to sing better”.
And yet you teach POPS by how to practice an instrument?
People who can’t sing should “wake up”.

Born from POPS, BEAM Training

Don’t worry, I found it.
You’ll be amazed at how well it works.